Single Burner Packages

Package burner with combustion chamber

HGG-Burner-Assy Credfeld are able to engineer, manufacture and supply complete air heater packages suitable for product drying or process heating, etc. The units would be complete with valve trains, quench air fan and control system as necessary. Units can be liquid or gas fired as required. Heat release rates are normally limited to between 1MW to 5MW thermal.

Package burner for fire tube boiler or similar application

packageburner These are generally rated at 2MW to 13MW thermal and can be liquid or gas fuel fired. Burners are equipped with igniters, flame scanners and automatic valve assemblies as shown.

Package burner for supplementary firing on bagasse or bark fired boilers


Special applications require that a set of burners are required for auxiliary firing where there is an alternative main fuel such as bagasse or bark. These burners can be fully retracting with isolation dampers where necessary.

Thermal capacity is not generally required above 30MW.