Low NOx Oil and Gas Burners

The Credfeld axial flow register produces a suspended flame format where no part of the flame is in contact with the burner quarl. Consequently this maximises the life of the quarl, which is manufactured in special alloy steel.

Gas burning can be achieved by individually removable pokers complete with independently removable gas nozzles or with a centrally located gas gun.

In all cases the fuel and air are staged to minimize NOx and other reduction techniques can be utilized within the design such as FGR where applicable.

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Credfeld combustion equipment incorporates design features to produce burner systems capable of sustaining a continuous ignition source to completely combust all the fuel with a minimum of excess air and minimal energy losses. burner-on-its-own

All Credfeld burners are designed with the following criteria in mind:

  • Aerodynamically profiled windbox & air register
  • Matched swirl vane stabilizer
  • Low excess air
  • Low NOx
  • Low particulate emissions
  • Low atomizing steam consumption
  • High efficiency
  • High turndown