Burner Management Systems

burner-managment The Burner Management cubicle is generally manufactured to IP65 and contains either individual or multiple burner controls. Figure 1 shows a single burner application. The cubicle contains the local Start/Stop Reset push buttons, Door Interlocked Isolator, Credfeld FE2020 Flame Eye, Credfeld LT300 Ignition Control System, Indicating Lamps and selector switches.


Credfeld also offer Fail-safe Control Systems utilising different types of PLC's to meet client's specifications. These Controls are designed to meet a pre-determined safety level (SIL) and more recently can conform to BS EN 61508.

Figure 2 Shows a Burner Management supplied by Credfeld in 2005 for control of two Natural Gas Burners. The control system incorporated an Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC and was designed to meet a SIL 1 and EN 61508. The BMS controlled the Safety Interlocks, Boiler Purge, Firing Rate and safe start up and shutdown of the Pilot and Main Gas Burners. An Allen Bradley Panel View was also fitted to enable interrogation of the PLC.


This Credfeld burner management system comprises a safety PLC that can be used up to a category 4 according to EN-954 and is capable of meeting Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 as specified by IEC 61508.

Each BMS control PLC generally incorporates the following:
  • 1 - Fail Safe CPU
  • 1 - 24Vdc Power Module
  • 2 - 4/8 Ch Safe Digital input modules - 24Vdc
  • 1 - 4 Ch Safe Digital output module - 24Vdc
  • 2 - 8 Ch Standard Digital output modules - 24Vdc
  • 1 - 24Vdc 5A Power supplies unit (PSU)
  • 1 - EDAC 38 pin connecting plug and crimps to which the PLC IO will be wired to allow easy connection to the field wiring

The FDS and software will be written in conformance with NFPA 85: 2011 recommendations for burner sequencing and critical timing functions.

The PLC control system will interface with the Credfeld flame scanning and ignition equipment.

The controller is modular in construction and will readily replace older PLC or Solid State unitized control equipment.