Modular Valve Systems



The Credfeld modular valve cluster is a system of manual and automated valves providing the ON/OFF control function for the admission of fuel, atomising medium and burner gun purging to each burner.

The burner gun is directly coupled thus providing a totally effective purging of the relevant burner passages and atomizer nozzle.

. The main features in the design are:
  • Elimination of pipework between the services
  • Double block fuel shut-off incorporated
  • Fuel recirculation right up to the burner
  • Elimination of purging flexible hoses
  • Purge system backed up by an integral non-return valve to prevent oil passing in to the atomizing medium supply
  • Fail safe actuators fitted to the fuel valves c/w NAMUR solenoid valve
  • Open & Closed indication switches fitted to each actuator where applicable



This is the new Tip Shut-Off, Hydrapower Burner valve block assembly that has been developed to replace the old shuttle type valve as a direct replacement & be compatible with existing oil burner guns.

The valve has been developed to minimise wear & tear due to fuel variations that are now common place. Some of the fuels in use now are corrosive or erosive & this design eliminates any parts that have fine tolerances or high fluid velocities that promote undue internal damage that is subsequently costly to repair as well as being detrimental to burner operation, performance & heat release rates.

The main diverter valve is constructed in stainless steel throughout & all valves have high temperature & pressure seats.

The oil gun coupling block is provided with a 1/4" BSP pressure tapping in the supply & return ports that can be utilised for performance monitoring or trouble-shooting activities.