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The upgraded Flame Eye FE2020 has proven to give 100% discrimination between Oil and Coal following a series of successful trials on a number of UK and South African Coal Fired Station's. The Flame Eye FE2020 has recently been installed and commissioned on two boilers of a 1500MW power station in South Wales totalling 72 sets of equipment, with the final boiler set planned to be installed during 2007.

Credfeld has also supplied, installed and commissioned 64 - FE2020 flame monitor systems to two oil fired 660MW Boilers in the outer London area, with the final installation completed in January 2006.

The monitors have the option to look at various frequency ranges of the flames and have enabled the firing of different fuels such as Tallow and Palm Oil.

Credfeld also has a large order pending for a major overseas Power Station.

Typical Results: